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Robotic US Imaging

for Scoliosis Assessment

This project aims to develop a force and image-guided system for manipulating an ultrasound probe along a spine so as to reconstruct its 3D structure. It is conducted in collaboration with Prof Zheng YP from the BME Department of PolyU.

Sensor-Guided Methods

for Robotic Arc Welding 

In this project, we are developing adaptive perceptual algorithms for automating welding tasks with robot manipulators. Funding source: Chinese National Engineering Research Centre for Steel Construction (CNERC) under grant BBV8.

Shape Control of Deformable Objects

The purpose of this project is to develop sensor-based methods for deforming soft objects into desired shapes with robot manipulators. Funding source: RGC General Research Fund 142039/17E 2018–2021, and the RGC-DAAD grant G-PolyU507/18.

Evolving Sensorimotor Models for Autonomous Robots

We are developing neuro-inspired methods for computing sensorimotor models of robotic systems. Our aim is to provide robots with life-long adaptation capabilities. This project is supported by the France/HK Joint Research Scheme under grant F-PolyU503/18, and by PolyU under grants 4-ZZHJ and G-YBYT.

Towards Skin Rejuvenation Robotics

The aim of this project is to develop a thermal and robotic to automate the manipulation of instruments in aesthetic dermatology procedures. This project is supported by RODS under grants H-ZDBA and H-ZDBU.

Enhancing HRI Through Thermal Point Clouds

The aim of this project is to develop a new type of RGB-D-T sensing system for human-robot interactions that combines 3D and colour information with temperature measurements. This project is supported by PolyU under grants G-YBYT and 4-ZZHJ.