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Force-Ultrasound Fusion for Robotic Navigation of Soft Tissues

About the Research

To develop ultrasound based methods to control the motion a robotic ultrasound probe in scoliosis assessments tasks


Related Papers

  • A. Duan, M. Victorova, J. Zhao, Y. Sun, Y. Zheng and D. Navarro-Alarcon. Ultrasound-Guided Assistive Robots for Scoliosis Assessment with Optimization-based Control and Variable Impedance, 2022 [pdf]

  • M. Victorova, M. K.-S. Lee, D. Navarro-Alarcon and Y. Zheng. Follow the Curve: Robotic-Ultrasound Navigation with Learning Based Localization of Spinous Processes for Scoliosis Assessment., 2022 [pdf]

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  • M. Victorova, D. Navarro-Alarcon and Y.-P. Zheng. 3D Ultrasound Imaging of Scoliosis with Force Sensitive Robotic Scanning. Int. Conf. Robotic Computing (IRC), pp. 262–265, 2019. [pdf]

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